The Long Road

I anticipate my career to involve software development for the rest of my life. I need to start preparing for the intense journey to come. That being said, I want to discuss The Long Road apprenticeship pattern. It seems directly relative to the situation I find myself in, which is a soon-to-be entry level software developer.

The Long Road is a portrayed as a direction apprentices should take when new to software development. It is asserted that those looking to journey down this proverbial road should not be looking to become instantaneously rich and famous. Instead, it is suggested that we ought to steadily increase our knowledge and skills throughout the decades to come. We should not feel obligated to accept any promotion that could potentially constrict our quest for knowledge. Continue reading “The Long Road”


Re: Angular, TypeScript and Final Project

My teammate and I are currently working on a Blackjack card game, which we will present to our class during finals week. I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to become more familiar with Angular and TypeScript for this project, and I believe I am starting to make some good progress. For instance, I have figured out how to build a card deck, shuffle it, and display images of these cards to the user.

There is a great online instructor named Mosh Hamedani with a series of tutorial videos for both Angular and TypeScript. I’ve already watched several of his videos and found them extremely useful and informative. The instructor has a personal blog as well. I would like to discuss one of his blog entries in particular, entitled Angular 4 in 20 minutes.

First, a disclaimer. I certainly did not learn Angular in 20 minutes, but Mosh’s insight and clear explanations are helping me understand Angular and TypeScript concepts more than any other tutorial I’ve tried so far.  Continue reading “Re: Angular, TypeScript and Final Project”