Reading List

I’ve noticed something about myself that has occurred especially during the past few months. I mean I’ve always enjoyed reading anything that captured my interest, but lately, I have developed a colossal appreciation of reading. This appreciation seems to go leaps and bounds ahead of any time in my life that I can remember. I think this has a lot to do with the amount of time I have spent learning and reading about computer science topics, subjects that I am absolutely fascinated with. I am certain the apprenticeship pattern textbook has only further solidified my interest in reading, software development, and computer science as a whole.

That being said, I have chosen to reflect upon the Reading List pattern this week. The idea concentrates on the importance of keeping and maintaining a “books of interest” record. As someone aspiring to enter the job field of Software Development within a few short months, I feel it is my responsibility to acquire as much knowledge on relative topics that will help further my career. And as much as I like watching informative tutorial videos from time to time, as the context of this pattern implies, sometimes there is no replacing the content of what certain books have to offer. Even many of the people offering such tutorial videos online seem to consistently reference material from one book or another.

I’ve begun personally applying the Reading List pattern after completing the step of signing up for a goodreads account. It’s a powerful, easy to use web app that allows users to keep track of books. Goodreads seems to possess all the capabilities that anyone developing a quality reading list should expect; I think the authors describing this pattern would certainly approve. I was able categorize books I’ve read, books I’m currently reading, and books I’d like to read. After adding a variety of computer science books to my reading list, I noticed the app started to recommend popular books relative to the subject. I will continue applying the Reading List pattern by updating my goodreads book log every time I’ve finished reading a book or started a new book. And based upon book recommendations from goodreads, mentors, colleagues, and other comparable sources, I will also queue books I would like to read sometime in the future.


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